A virtual space for Radical cREATors!


This is a "living and breathing" virtual space

where we collaboratively explore our collective imagination through social justice arts based inquiry. We intentionally use

anti-oppressive and critical understandings of diverse meaning making


Expressive Arts Therapy

in order to imagine and co-construct

(an)other approach


r/Evolutionary Expressive Arts Therapy

Theory, Pedagogy and Praxis 


This is an inclusive space which centers

under-represented, marginalized and disenfranchised creatives in our field.


Join our C.R.E.A.T.E collaborative in this

virtual community.

Raise y(our) creative voices!


What is y(our) response/ability? How do we cultivate sustain/ability?

In Expressive Arts Therapy, we are no longer healers and not only advocates, we must be revolutionaries in how we commit to do this work with communities, clients and ourselves.

We need community participants to commit to anti-oppressive expressive arts based research in this digital platform. Share your arts based responses to our calls and use creativity as a form of knowledge building. Here we engage in conciousness raising and intentional action in our art based processing and creating. We document it to provide evidence of our narratives and aesthetics as defined and celebrated by us.

Our goal is to commit to CULTIVATING COMMUNAL CREATIVITY (once a month on the 8th) which heartfully and thoughtfully deconstructs to (re) create theories and praxis in the Expressive Arts by centering marginalized and disenfranchised voices and aesthetics. Drawing on Paulo Freire's work, Expressive Arts Therapy is understood as a practice of liberation, where we deal critically with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of our world and regain our humanity from structural and internalized oppression.

If we are to authentically commit ourselves to this work, we must re-examine ourselves and our practice of Expressive Arts constantly. Creativity is a human birth right which has been stolen and re-branded as artistry, allowing only a few to produce it and leaving the rest of us to internalize the shame imposed by artistic hierarchy and specialized art forms. This perpetuates an uneven power dynamic in our work because we have adopted this colonial and Euro-centric mindset in Expressive Therapies. By re-centering integrated creative expression as the original way all humans have co-created meaning and community in their respective cultures, we will fight to revolutionize how we conceptualize, approach and practice our work.

Our call is to




creativity as a psycho-social-political act.

Some ways we aim to do this is:

Raise your critical conciousness and dig deep to examine linguistic and artistic imperialism by questioning the language and metaphors we use that perpetuate oppression in our work. FOr example:

1. Using the words and colors of dark and black to explain negative experiences and light and white to explain positive experiences. Western psychopathology, heavily influenced by a Eurocentric Judeo-Christian ethic, perpetuates dichotomous and racist thinking under the veil of humans experience suffering. As racialized bodies, can we begin to question the messages that are internalized about how we think about ourselves and others who are not like us?

Re-claiming symbols, psychological language and ideas in order to use them with cultural literacy and relevancy in communities of color by clinicians of color.

Understanding appropriation and co-optation

2. Using the colonial, imperialistic, militeristic and capitalistic language and Euro-American perspectives as metaphor which do not recognize the lived experiences of the rest of the world.

pioneers in our work,

the activity triggered him,

masterclass in Expressive Arts Therapy,

art is a universal language,

how can I help? vs how I can do less harm?


I have found my tribe!

grounding and holding


Safety illusion


allyship, accomplice and other

3. Continuing to perpetuate the fallacy that only multilingual clinicians who where "born into" multi-language households can work with populations in those specific languages.  Being mono-lingual, English-only in this transnational and transcultural world is a choice that insidously preserves white supremacy in a global context that has a significant colonial history in which the English language was imposed. 


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